Photography was a natural calling for me. The moment I picked up the camera, I could feel a sort of magic flow from my fingertips. I wanted to immerse myself in it and I jumped head first into that world.

But then...the hard part came. I wanted to take pictures of people. And if you know know I can have a very quiet and akward disposition. It took a very long time for me to find any sort of balance between capturing an image and making it into a moment. I got very frustrated at first....I wanted to please everyone at all everything that they asked for... I'm a people pleaser you see..

Just recently, I had an eye openeing creative process consultation with the amazing Yan Palmer. (Thanks to Rachel at Brackish Photography for entering my name in for the contest.) Side note...I never win anything... ever so to say I was surprised, was an understatement.

She gave me some beautiful insight into my own thought process and helped push me to find what give me a spark...what do I enjoy doing....I hadn't realized how lost I truly had been before she was able to direct me. Not only did I find my direction, but I found myself.

"the dark horse"

I was no longer afraid to embrace my need for nature, the need for the light and dark to battle in my images and the need to let that creativity dwelling inside me out.

With that being said...with all the chaos surrounding the world at the moment...I hope to get back to you all very soon.

Please take a look around at my updated website and my updated services. I have created a wilderness experience available for my clients where they will be able to emerse themselves into nature and find their beauty and the beauty of the wild. I have also added an interactive styling guide and questionnaire to help clients and myself properly prepare for the sessions.

I have limited sessions for the time being in order to better serve my clients. I will also ensure that I am following any and all guidelines put forth by the state of maryland once the state opens back up and is no longer under a state of emergency.

This is my spark...combining nature and moments together. This is what I love. Thank you for joining me on this journey of finding it.